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    January 24, 2013


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    Laurie Hunt

    Thanks Suze for sharing. I always find it interesting when you do. I am not sure if you can find it on the OWN website or netflix or something like that, but Oprah did a wonderful two day piece (I'm not sure if it was two or three hours but it was substantial). She was given permission to spend time in an Hacidic (I am not sure on spelling) Jewish home or maybe a couple of homes with a small group of women. It was incredibly interesting the difference in the way they lived compared to most. Just for your information.

    lyle baxter

    what a great thing to do! If we all would spend more time considering what other believe and how they live we might find some peace! thank you for sharing your adventure with us!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Indeed a very interesting evening, good to keep learning.

    Martha Richardson

    You always have the most interesting posts...I for one am an information seeker so these posts just become more info. for me...TFS!

    Evelyn in Oregon

    Suze...thank you for the little lesson on today's Judaism! I know only what I have read, which is limited. When we visited New York last April, it was Easter/Passover Week, and we visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. There were many families of what I believe are Orthodox Jews. Are Hasidic Jews and Orthodox the same? What I noticed were beautiful young women and children, but the husbands were strange-looking to me because of their hair and those big fur hats. Fascinating for me!

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