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    September 08, 2008


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    I had no idea you did this! What a wonderful thing for the animals, and for you. Makes me want to join in as well.



    Sweet Suze ... you are wonderful to help with the spay/neuter clinics. We do that here in San Antonio also. These low cost and/or free spay/neuter clinics would not be possible without the volunteers to help! XOXO



    You have commented on your volunteering for this before andi did not realize it was such a large undertaking.

    May i pass the notice along since i know the veterans from POST 2 (being an AMVETS member myself).

    I have a meeting in the same hall in 2 weeks and would love to give them the blog for the event



    that is such a wonderful thing to do-wish we had something like that around my area! I just found your blog(from the altered book yahoo group I just joined) and look forward to browsing through tonight after work!


    God bless you for giving your time and love to the furbabies!

    Diane O.

    Good for you, thanks for helping. I remember when my cat came out of anesthesia after having a root canal (yes a cat!) It was a canine tooth and a vet in Northern VA (one who does work for the national zoo) did his work. The poor guy was wobbly and really zonked out. When I brought him home his sister showed him no mercy and hissed and growled at him since he had that vet smell on him. Needless to say they were separated for the rest of the day.


    i love helping these little guys.

    Penci Petty

    I think that is great sharing your time with these wonderful animals and thank you for reminding us to give back.

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