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    November 28, 2008


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    Susan Williamson

    I love the combo of the sticky back canvas and chipboard bracelet. And speaking of Epson ...he's the other man in my life!


    This bracelet totally rocks! I love watching you and learning from you. Please melt my face...

    Cassi T.

    MELT ME!!!

    I love the bracelet -- where did you get your collage images from? Did you have to photoshop them to get 'em perfect for your creation?

    Thanks -- Cassi


    Love the bracelet. I am not laughing at you, I am laughing with you :)

    Katherine McKamey

    I love the canvas/chipboard bracelet! Such a cool, quick gift!! Go ahead - melt me - I can take it! LOL!


    Great bracelet....and sure, you can melt

    Evelyn in Oregon

    I love your blog. It's so REAL! Your photography...and 'the Lenster's' wonderful. (Just watching the trailer of "Four Christmases" turned me off to it! I'm with you about Reese Witherspoon's choice of films, too!)

    Nancy Gill

    Melting me will give all of my family a grand laugh for the hoildays.

    I was going to see Four Christmas today but will now pick something else.
    Can't wait to get to the city to see the sights.


    Erin Glee

    GREAT idea for the bracelet... and please put my name in the melting pot!

    Anne Marie

    I just love visiting your blog. Your pictures of NYC made me so homesick for the Big Apple. I just love all of your work. The bracelet is wonderful! I would love to melt for you!

    Leslie Yanko

    Melt me melt me. Oh!! all I have left are my beeswax pink shoes. Sorry about the movie. I also heard it was a real dog. Love Reese. Not so much Vince Vaughn

    Susan Chong

    Always a joy to peek at your blog. Sorry about your movie choice.....heard that one was a dog. LOVE the canvas w/ the chipboard bracelet!! So many cool projects, so little time.
    I would love to be melted!!! :) I'm ready any time! LOL!!! :)
    Thanks for the fun, Suze!
    Susan Chong
    [email protected]

    Jenna Franklin

    Always willing to do anything for the Melty Queen!


    Will warp wonderfully wretched me? Woeful, weeping will wear, I fear!

    Diane O.

    If my husband can say "Gobble Gobble" on Black Friday on the PA system of the Harley dealership to get an extra 5% off then I can offer my picture up to be warped. Thanks for the opportunity to win.


    Oh yes, I'm a good sport - Melt Me! Melt Me! Love the bracelet.

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