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    July 21, 2009


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    Super easy and beautiful! Way to go Darian!!

    pamela huntington

    HI Suze,
    I love the clay rose.. just delightful...Sure looks like you all had a lot of fun... boy the ice cream
    looks yummy!

    helen lindfield

    I wish I could come hang out with you too! When are you coming back to England, Suze? We need you back!!

    Kathryn in Benicia by the Bay

    Must be something in the gene pool because those roses are totally awsome!

    Michelle D in Oregon

    OMG you are such a great grandma!!! How will they ever adjust to being home again?


    They look like a blast to hang out with! It sounds like you are really enjoying each other and that is awesome! I love those roses! And how easy are they? Thanks for letting her show us all how to make them!!!


    Girl, you know how to have a good time! Love the rose! And how could you go wrong with Tommy flip-flops? Can't wait to see you (and learn from you) in Orlando.....but I might have to rethink my gift because it isn't flip-flops.....and goodness knows you need those here!


    Suze, enjoy! The girls look like great fun, and the right attitude for shopping, like their Grandma. Dont you just love it when they teach you something! Love the new colours of utee, just wish I was coming to CHA :(
    Hugs x

    Elaine Allen

    Suze -

    You sound as if you are having more fun than the girls are!!! They are just so adorable. They remind of the times I spent with my two nieces when they were little. It was time at Michaels, then off to have nails done, well you know the routine. Now they are much older and have better things to do than to hang with me - LOL! Although they do call me.
    I love the paperclay rose Darian taught you. I will have to try that. Thanks for posting it.

    Elaine Allen

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