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    February 27, 2010


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    Wonderful article, very well explained.


    Love you in that wig - had to comment as it looks great on you.

    Evelyn in Oregon

    Suze....did I miss the recipe for the dough? I know how to bake it but not how to make it!

    Wonderful retelling of the story of Esther and Haman (BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!)


    boy, am i glad you are back. i missed you, no one to have coffee with! thanks for all you teach me artistically and all the other things like your traditions..

    Barbara Lemme

    So glad you got home with all that weather and in time to perform. What a costume!!! I've heard you sing so the music must have been great. Hamentashen...yum!


    Suze! Great look 25!

    lyle baxter

    suze, you look so good! thanks for explaining Purim! next question is the expression "The whole megilla" based on this holiday and why??? I always thought it was an Irish xpression! lyle

    Kathy Gledsdale

    You look wonderful, a Cher look alike, but with out the plastic surgery!(thank goodness) Your food always looks so good, it is making my mouth water.

    Renee S.

    Chag sameach! I'm off to bake hamantaschen.


    Suze- Happy Purim. You look so good, Queen Esther is jealous!


    You looked gorgeous!! like paula I thought you were great on QVC you and claudine just need a whole hour each to yourselves next time!


    Sooki/ Suze, you look amazing in your wig! What a fab night you all had & thank you for my continuing education into your Jewish traditions. Always great to learn something new so i can amaze my friends B & J.
    The Purim sounds georgeous; i like sweet dough & with prunes too, yum! Looking forward to tomorrows Blog & news of the fun day.
    Hoping the snow isn't too bad near you now that Lenny has moved all that was blocking you in.

    Got my bedazzles from the QVC Craft Day yesterday & am hoping to get busy with them soon. Do hope you managed to see yourself when you got back home; you
    were 'brilliant'..... :-) Paula

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