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    February 23, 2010


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    sally anderson

    good to see you on qvc and your ideas for using the meltpot and stamps etc. Hope you had a good flight back to the US and look forward to seeing you on qvc again in June.


    Oh I am so glad you are coming back in June - was great to see you at the trade show and thanks for giving me all the techniques on Monday morning! I promise the melt pot is now out of the package and this weekend when I am free of the day job I will be creating.
    Thanks again fro the samples for inspiration and hope you had a safe journey home xx

    Luna69 - Yvonne

    Great show yesterday, was fab having you all on UK tv : ) Not long enough we know, hopefully next time we'll get to see more of you and your demo's. We need more Tim too : )

    Hope you all had fun, certainly looks like you did x

    val rich

    You must be exhausted. Please come back soon and bring lots more stuff including beeswax, and then you might get to demo more, the whole thing was much too short.

    Love Val Rich


    Thanks for sharing all this. Wish we could have seen our fave trio at work on QVC London. Have a great trip home to...a blizzard!!!

    Lynne V

    fantastic to see you and looking forward to June. PLease ask them to make sure they have plenty of your product for the next show so we get to see you demo more.


    Hi Suze,
    I couldn't get the live feed on my mac, so I missed the fun. I wish the Q in the states would grow a brain and have you all on! Thanks for sharing your adventures. Have a safe trip home, hopefully before more snow hits the Northeast tomorrow and Thursday.


    Debbie, UK

    Excellent products! Really happy to hear that you're coming back in June. PLEASE ask them to let you have a whole hour to yourself! Thank you for coming to the UK!

    Linda Cain

    Great job!!!!! Some Chinese food and Alcoholic drinks would be in order for me!!! Safe trip home.



    Helen Lindfield

    Wish I'd been able to catch you but I was at work and not able to watch it on the computer, though I did sneak a look at the products that you'd have been demo'ing had I been able to watch... have a safe journey home.


    Hi Suze, ask QVC for a copy of the show they should oblige. Hopefully i've rec the show & might be able to email you the file if you would like.

    Not enough air time for you & Claudine today. So brilliant you will get a whole hour in June, i will be tuning in as you are such a great person to learn from & so inspirational.

    Enjoy your chinese & have a safe flight home tomorrow. I'm sure Lenny will be very happy to see you :-)

    Sarah Anderson

    Great to see you have more demo time this year, but it's such a shame that they won't let you demo when something's sold out... just cos the flex sold, doesn't mean people don't need to see what to do with it!
    It always feels so rushed too, but I'd rather that than nothing. You were fab, sorry you didn't get to see yourself on tv!


    Watched you online this morning from work (9:00 am est). Can't believe that you had 20 minutes, uninterupted. You know how little time you'd have here in the states, if anyof the shopping networks even offered much in crafts.
    Too bad I couldn't order anything. Loved what Dawn did with the craft mat in the melting pot - great idea.

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Far too short Suze and not enough products. I cannot believe you are all going back home so soon, but I guess you are all worn out! Looking forward to June. Thanks for visiting us, will try harder with the weather in June!


    was lovely to see you all, shame you didnt get an hours slot each though! xx

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