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    March 15, 2010


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    Ok, I know I am a little late with this, but what is funny is how older folks (I say this because I just turned 43 a few days ago, lol) and my mom, who is 66, decided to just buy an iphone. You can't get her to put it down. The woman who asks you how to do the easiest thing in the world, now can't put the phone down, and is on the internet, in her sleep I think, lol..Well, it's all good, enjoy !!

    Vicki Conquest

    Hey Suze! I think the iPhone is AWESOME, I've had two now (hubby got the trickle down 3g) and I live in the sticks of southern Missouri and still have 3g access, travel some and have never, ever had a bad experience with my iPhone. The GPS feature of the 3Gs saved my bacon in the middle of Arkansas when I couldn't find the correct Bentonville airport (there are 3). I'd have been in Alabama without my iPhone! The worst was having to turn it OFF (phone service that is) on Tim's cruise! I've used every carrier out there and I honestly don't think AT&T is any worse than the others (I've used a cell since 1992 when they were bag phones, so maybe it's all in the perspective). Carl is a hoot, we laugh at him every night! He does a great cat purr! We have Carl Meow-offs here! But I've been an Apple girl since 1983 (can we say 11e?). Waiting on the iPad with a camera...

    Ranger U looks like great fun and I hope to be there someday, just started using TSS along with my Ranger addiction and loving it. I will be a very broke woman at the end of the year when all my CHAW stuff finally hits, but I'll still have great stuff to play with (products and iPhone) and great people to play with too! ~Vicki C.

    Evelyn in Oregon

    Suze....before long, I want to share a couple of images with you. I have a niece who works for James Perse in LA during the day, but who hand-paints shoes, primarily, at night. She is presently working on a pair of iPhone shoes....38 hours and counting. Amazing detail!


    Ahahahah! FĂ©lcitions pour votre Iphone. Moi je ne sais plkus m'en passer ... C'est trop trop bien ...


    CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know you will be a happy IPhone owner. Bumping is great fun, we do if often... Don't know who Carl is though??? Glad The Lenster is a happy iTouch owner too. Are you going to alter a case or perhaps get an Ed Hardy one?
    Your Blog is always full of inspiration & fun. A pleasant part of my day & always brings a smile.....
    Oh forgot to say Joby Gorilla arrived & loving all the places i can use it. The iPhone case that came with the kit is really good, black but need to make it more blingy...

    Enjoy your new toy & i won't be recommending any Apps as the fun is in finding your own.
    Enjoy your day & thank you for the AI technique, looks great :-)

    laurie hunt

    It's not the dark side, you have come into the light! You will most likely hate AT&T (I say as a former Verizon customer) but the love of your iPhone will be greater than your hate for AT&T! Happy apping!

    lisa crofts

    lol i went over to the dark side and got my iphone on Saturday. I couldn't wait any longer. I llloooveee it!

    marcia greer

    congrats on the iphone.

    i hope you know how much we all enjoy your blog.
    (look at me...speaking for others....well I myself enjoy it immensely!)

    that spamming thing has gotten so many of my friends' email accounts (I opened one that looked so germane to a recent discussion I'd just been having with my niece and it totally knocked out my mouse. that was fun. got kaspersky after that!).

    cheers! you're an exceptional blogger tho' I do miss the Suze newsletter! But this is a great replacement, really!

    Linda Cain

    Hey, Megan! You know I LOVE Ten Seconds Studio Metal!!!!! Mom will be so proud!

    And Suze, unfortunately, your daughter is right. Let's hope they get the network to work as well as the cool phone!

    I LOVE having my phone work through's so much safer, and I can use all the help I can get.

    Go Techies!



    Im gonna bump you in June. Just sayin !!! Holding carls mouth open is too funny. And when you get 2 carls talking to each other and they get higher and higher until you think the phones gonna blow. Hil-ar-I-ous!!!


    LOL happy syncing/bumping :D
    I have just joined the i-touch world and will be getting an i-phone next me thinks :D

    Oooo I'm loving those techniques :D And I think we have a can of compressed air :D
    Oooo I nearly got caught with that nasty old virus - be careful everyone!!!

    Julie xxs

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