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    April 21, 2010


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    Linda Cain

    I always wish I was there! You guys are a hoot!

    Dani Larcom

    What I wouldn't have given to have been there with you all! It looks like so much fun!

    Hailey Mann

    ahhh nothing could be better!

    pamela huntington

    The jewelry demonstration was amazing...!!!
    It must have been wonderful to watch her work!
    Also, love you in the pink veil...

    peggy forma

    oh what glorious fun!!!! call me next time!!! LOL...........
    hugs and more

    Jann Neiers

    Girls will be girls...giggling and having plain and simple wonderful for you all. I LOVE the hats...looks like those photo's need attention to me....maybe the "fairer four"....I love that you share your adventures and antics with us all Suze....we truly enjoy them and the photos of where your steps lead you and where we can follow along...maybe not in them....but closer to them...:o)
    You might just be "film at eleven" however with that blob of mold n pour....I'll start asking for donations for "bail" money
    Smiles from the fresh, wet, softened skies of Idaho...:o)


    Love sharing in all your fun Suze, what a great day out & all of you the same age. Are you sure you're all six... REALLY loving the mold 'n' pour incident, still laughing; i'm sure if you were caught there would have been smiles & laughter. I am packing mine now... My lesson for today, always be ready as you never know when you need your mold 'n' pour!
    Thank you as always for inspiration & smiles, cyber hugs on the way :-) x


    Suze there are such beatutiful colors where you live. Every thing is beige here in Kansas

    Gill Parker

    Hi Suze

    What a perfect girlie day. You always always find such lovely places to visit - thank you again for sharing.

    Gill in Scotland.

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh Suze how funny, you look like a strawberry in that hat! Thanks for sharing.

    Jen Crossley

    Looks like you had a awesome time Suze wish I was there too


    A grand day they should all be!

    Grace P

    Oh my Goodness I nearly busted a gut cracking up! What a perfect day you girlies had. So awesome!! I love the mold and pour hahaha if the security man did see you he is still frozen staring at the tape saying and "she mixed these 2 things together and then rubbed it on the face and held tight, some weird fetish ritual" hahah You girls look great in the hat and masks. Thanks so much for the funniest 6 year old post! Girlfriends are the best xoxox Grace

    Sandy L

    Wish I had been there. Looks like you had a total blast!

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