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    May 29, 2010


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    What a treasure trove of great art you found! Love the paper floating lady and the art you bought Lenster!

    ellen vargo

    Boy - it must be the year to go to NY. I was there a few weekends ago, and saw LOTS of the same street-fair "stuff" - loved those handbags and really loved the altered clocks! Then, I read that Tim was in the city, and hit some of the same spots I went to (Tinsel Trading). THEN, Jennifer McGuire went to NY (I think just a few days ago), and ALSO went to some spots that I went to (The Ink Pad in the Village). I'm such a trend setter, right?! ROFL. Glad you had a fun day - hard not to in NYC.


    LOVE the clock! We have street art fairs here in the DC area -- but that one looked great! Yesterday was "Rolling Thunder" here.... a true motorcycle (all types, shapes, colors, etc) day!

    The coolest things are in the northeast. I live in the wrong part of the country, lol...Hey Suze, ever think of selling pre made molds of your favorite things, maybe even ones pre filled with utee ready for the oven ??


    HOW FUN!!!!! I've got that marked on my bucket list of places to go!


    Fun day!!! Love the diverse forms of Art, amazing to see. The clock you bought your lovely husband is just extraordinary... We just don't seem to have these types of places to visit in the UK.
    Thanks for sharing your amazing day out! :-)))

    Helen Lindfield

    Suze, I love your blog cos you make me feel like I've been to NY with you. I wish you could be my real guide (should I ever make it there!) It would be FAB.


    another Happy Day, you sure know how to appreciate life x


    Wow... absolutely adore Lila Turjanski-Villard's sculpture! Looks like you both had a fabulous day! xo

    Linda Cain

    I just LOVE your blog! Your pictures are sooooo much fun, and we see the world through your eyes!Places I'll never go, but have been to with you.
    Thanks sooo much.



    What a fab FAB day, I so like the canvas with all the birds and trees on under the scarves.

    Carla Cavellucci Landi

    Suze, I always wish going there... I'm every weekend in NY - I live in Edgewater (30min by bus) but sometimes 2 teenagers are not exactly in the mood... I love to see how your husband is always with you and share the same love for art... thank you for your post!

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