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    June 09, 2010


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    sarah turner

    wow, it looks like you are having a blast, hope it stays dry at least for ya! Just wanted to say thanks again for the great demo day at Dawn's last Saturday. My friend (the one with the 8 kids) and I (with the union jack t shirt) had so much fun, especially as it was a kid free zone!?! You are a great teacher x


    Amazing to share the experience through your eyes. Hey, you should write travel journals!! You see things so differently than I would and I love your sense of humour too.
    I'd probably be the same to you reporting my experiences of NY. Enjoy the rest of your visit and I hope the feet last out!
    Jozarty x

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh Suze I was engrossed in reading your blog about London,(which is only 30mins away, and I never go and have never been to the tower, hanging head in shame!)that I put my hand in my mug of hot tea instead of picking it up! ouch! I said,(or something like that)spilling my tea all over the place, including all over my tablets waiting to be taken with the tea! Soggy blood pressure tablets are not nice! Anyway outcome is tower looks great and I might well go look see now, always thought the crowds would make it unbearable, but it didn't look bad at all. So thanks Suze, see you at the weekend so save some energy!

    katzele (Bea from France)

    It reminds me when I was sixteen, we went at The London Tower, it was a wonderful trip and i remember the ravens' legend. Well, I was sixteen so it's about... 30 years ago ? Oops ;-)

    Sandi M

    I seem to recall a very LONG walk like this myself over New Years! The Tower of London line was way too long when we went, but we had a great time touring the Tower Bridge.

    Of course no one ever said the Brits were known for their foods! We did have 2 fantastic dinners while we were there. One was in Harrod's in their Middle Eastern restaurant - fabulous! The other was not far from the tube station for Buckingham Palace (Knightsbridge - maybe) - a bit to the east and north of the station. It was a pub on the street floor & a restaurant upstairs. They made their own sausages - many flavors - very good and inexpensive also.

    Have fun in your travels :)

    Gill Parker

    Hi Suze

    How fab to see London thrugh the eyes (and feet) of a real tourist. It's a few years since I;ve been down to Lon but it always gives me such a buzz! What a shame you don;t have time to come north of the border (we also do rain!!). I'd love to show you some of our castles, palaces and other pleasures. Enjoy the rest of your tourist days.



    as always, great photos
    don't worry about all the "shortcut" advice after the fact!
    this was your experience and it looked wonderful

    Kathy Kirby

    Looks like you had an absolutely fabulous day and thank you for showing me so much of my own capital city (which I seldom visit). I get the walking thing but would soooooo not have done it myself anymore.

    Beryl Weintraub

    glad you had such a great day but am sure they sent you the long way round to get to the tower. You really deserved a soothing foot massage at the end of that long day. Have another good day today and sorry the weather is so poor - honestly we do get good weather (sometimes).

    Judi Hodgkin

    Suze, I wouldn't have walked from Waterloo to the Tower! Waterloo & City line to Bank, change to Monument, the Circle & District Line to Tower Hill. I second the visit to the V&A. Also Hamleys on Regent Street (nearest tube Oxford Circus). Probably not the biggest anymore, but still fabulous. Then walk down Regent Street to Fortnum & Masons and have icecream in the icecream parlour. Look at the shopping, but if you need to know the price, you can't afford it.

    I would've loved to have been your personal guide.


    Don't wear yourself out for Saturday! I've only lived her all my life 46 years the same as you! But never been to the tower, must put that right. We live very near anne boylens home - come and visit us next time and I'll take you there lol


    sounds like a fab day :) my DD lives almost next to the Love the pics , glad you had fun despite the feet!
    Do hope you are going to the theatre, and if you get a chance go to the V & A Museum.. got some great stuff in it! one of my fav places to visit for inspiration.
    Have a great day today


    Did you stand on the spot where they beheaded Anne Bolyen? I get chills down my spine just thinking of it! And I highly recommend afternoon tea at Fortnum's. Have a great time.


    I'll be hopping on a plane too. Good heavens Suze! I know that area and you really DID walk a long way. Get some rest and enjoy tomorrow.

    Melanie K.

    Thank you so much for sharing ... I will probably never get to England. I love the photos ... almost like being there, lol. The torture chamber looked 'hellish' ... was it creepy? Seems like it would have been.

    ellen vargo

    YAY SUZE-- you made it! Glad you got to see the Tower - you surely earned it after all that walking!! Enjoy the soak, and enjoy the rest of your trip too!

    Diana P.

    The Tower is my most favorite place I've ever been. If I lived in London I think I'd do there all the time just to sit and read a book while being surrounded by all that history!


    I forgot how beautiful The Tower of London is! Harrods is a wonderful place to shop as it contains so many varieties of the same things; i'm jealous of the Lensters choice of cheeses... Harrods architecture is very lavish & is a place we should all visit at least once in our lives to experience the opulence.....

    Are you going to visit Hamleys Toy Store? It's supposed to be the biggest toy store in the World... Thank you for all the pictures; Looking forward to the video too, lol. If you get the time Kew Gardens is a most amazing place to go, they have a famous walkway which was designed by the same guy who designed the London Eye. The views from the Kew walkway are quite beautiful.

    Hope your body recovers very very soon so you can go & do it all again later today; i'm exhausted but chuffed that you both had a great :-)))

    Isabelle Norris

    Looks like a fantastic day. You'll be so tired by the week-end LOL.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures; it felt like "home" for a bit ;)
    off to catch my plane to join you now.
    See you Saturday

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