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    June 10, 2010


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    Sarah Turner

    Suze, all those photos, your camera must have been working up a real sweat. We take for granted what a beautiful city London is.

    Sally Cendral

    OK, Suze -- two things: first, I think one of your pictures is of Portland Place, and -- guess what -- I went to school there for a whole year!!!!!!!!

    Second -- how come you didn't do any shopping damage in London (so far)??? Something is very wrong!!!!! I think you most definitely need me by your side . . . . . to (mis)lead you around London!!!!!

    Big wink -- Sally xx

    Tobey (packard) S.

    Oh seeing the sights of London make me all nostalgic and achey for my DH's home......we haven't been back to the UK since he came over in all the architecture pictures,....have you ridden on the London Eye, or did I not see that post? That was fabulous, and John pointed out all the places he lived while we were at the top!

    Kathy Kirby

    It looks like you and the Lenster had a fab but very busy day again yesterday - fab piccies and thanks for sharing - Suze with flat hair?! Good Heavens NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
    Enjoy your demo day at the Craft Barn


    blimey suze you don't half get around...loved all your photos....great to see London through your eyes...sorry about the rain...hope you have a wonderful weekend at the Craft Barn...big hugs kath xxx

    Beryl Weintraub

    you have certainly made a few of us sit up and look at our capital with different eyes. We take so much for granted and don't even give it a second glance. You will have noticed though that we don't have many craft shops :o(

    Enjoy Surrey and hopefully the sun will shine for you although it isn't looking very good out there this morning.


    Judy Stabile

    Ok, I don't get it. No one in the photos is even wearing a rain coat let alone lugging an umbrella - I'm thinking you are just liking the white plastic look...does it have a matching purse? (This is Wendy on Judy's computer). We're in Boston getting ready for the conference. Miss you.


    Hi Suz, can't believe you both got soo much sightseeing and shopping done in 2 days!! Amazing!
    The pics you took are amazing by the way, will have to go with my hubby and 2 girls- some day!!
    I think you should book in for a pedicure treatment and pamper your feet, with all that walking about I'm sure My feet would be killing me never mind my back!!
    Have a great w/e at the barn!
    Tfs the pics and giggles too!!

    Rhonda Sadler

    Love your pix Suze. Were you attacked by pigeons in Trafalgar Square? I have a photo of my (then) young son covered in pigeons as he attempted to feed them! Would love to go back again one day...
    Enjoy grandfather came from a town called Dorking in Surrey
    cheers, Rhonda

    Renee S.

    Love the photos! They make me want to go back to London again. Thanks for sharing your wonderful life!


    Next time I get to the smoke (aka London) I'm not taking any photos... I'll just take another look at your's to remind me of all there is!!! Fab!
    I meant to add yesterday that I bet you would have taken a cast of that bench, that the couple sat on, if you'd had enough Mold 'n' Pour!!
    Jozarty x

    Jen Peck

    I LOVE London! And I especially love the Super Loos!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    You make me look with new eyes Suze. x

    Kirsten Alicia Sheridan

    Glad you had a great time in London, despite the rain. Looking forward to seeing you at the Craft Barn on Saturday.

    Helen Lindfield

    Wow! what a lot you saw today! I love how you love our capital city.


    LOL my nephew lives in Tooting!
    Sorry about the rain!

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