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    July 14, 2010


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    Melissa Fabucci

    Hi Suze, thank you so much for sharing your photos. You take great pictures! I enjoyed all the views!


    WOW, what trip, love seeing all your photos and look fwd to seeing some more, dont envy you all the walking though..... glad you are having such a fab time

    Nancy G.

    Hi, all of this in the heat? Oh my goodness. What wonderful memories you are creating.

    Russell White

    Hi Suze, I was exhausted from reading your post. Back when I was like 23--a million years ago--I did the same trip you are doing. However, I took a Greyhound bus around the country. That was when you could go anyplace for $99. I boarded the bus in San Francisco and then went to New Orleans, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York, Chicago and back to San Francisco. I was gone for two weeks and only took $400 in cash--no credit cards. It was an exciting trip. I stayed at the cheapest places, the YMCA, and took local buses or walked all over the towns. I had the best time meeting people and seeing things on this adventure. It was such a great adventure that I took the Greyhound the next year but to different parts of the country.

    I don't think I could do that ever again--especially living off of $400 for two weeks. Somehow over the years with all of the traveling for my designer job has gotten me spoiled.



    Wow you done loads, photos look great, good luck with the rest of trip. Liz

    Nancy Lefko covered a lot of ground....great fun :) The pics are great.

    Barbara Lemme

    Suze, you are too amazing but there's nothing like grandchildren to get you doing things you would not ordinarily do, especially in East Coast heat and humidity. Of course we are reaching 115 tomorrow in AZ.

    Jen Peck

    Nothing like DC to make you feel all patriotic-like! If you like Indian food, DC has some really great Indian places. Say "hi" to the first ladies' dresses for me-I love them!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh Suze I need a lie down to recover from all your walking. You will be going back to work for a rest! How lovely to have such quality time with two such special people in your life. Enjoy, sleep when you get home, or I will sleep for you now!


    Suze, I feel I've been there with you! Enjoy the rest of your trip

    Gill Parker

    Hi Suze, here's hoping tomorrow brings you new feet.. Sore feet, if they go the rest of you follows pretty quickly LOL!!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing this trip with us. I've seen so many of these memorials and buildings on TV and wondered what they all were - how I have a good reference guide!

    Thanks again Suze - look forward to the next instalment.

    Gill in very wet Stirling, Scotland!!!


    hi suzie enjoyed my trip round Washington with you and all from the comfort of my armchair...take good care of those poor feet...can't wait for the next instalment...big hugs kath

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