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    August 01, 2010


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    dang, that funnelcake looks too delish. I love funnelcakes! ugh and the reason you didn't have any humidity there is cuz it's all right here in Kansas with Dorothy & Toto, lol. It's horrible here....
    Suze, it was great to see you again. I'll be seeing you at Stamper's Ink next month :-) hugs

    ellen vargo

    OK the art show looked fabulous, but my fav part of this blog post is your awesome tennis shoes!!! They ROCK! You're so cool..... :)


    sorry I spelled "either" wrong! anyway: I do not swim either---and I come from Mich, the Great Lakes State...water winter wonderland. I regret it, but there is something that scares me from going into it when you can't see the bottom (plus I cannot swim!!).


    OH! Funnel cake and NO humidity...low temps...AND an ART SHOW!@@@@@@@@@@ the day cannot get better than that!!!!!!!!!! It all looks great; I'd go broke up there!
    Well, I see you did not take time to REST very much from the CHA this week. lol---I wouldn't ETHIER, seeing the show goodies!!


    Wonderful art festival, worth visiting and thanks so much for the grand tour!
    I too don't like being in water, love to see it and walk or rest near it, but I can't swim and don't want to, so you are NOT alone.

    Kathy Gledsdale

    What a great day out. You are by the sea, you haven't said before,(or maybe I missed it) got to get you over that fear of water Suze, the ocean is so beautiful.I hope you can enjoy walking by it anyway, all those yummy shells and stones. x


    Mmmmmmmmm love that funnel cake, thanks again for sharing your trip with us.


    Nancy Lefko

    Sounds like an "oh so fabulous day!". The pix are great :) Thanks for sharing.

    The art festival looks like so much fun. The arts & crafts fairs sometimes here in south Florida are rather boring. Always the same vendors and mainly lot's of manufactured commercial stuff. Does not look nearly as artsy as the boardwalk. Hope you had a great time !

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