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    September 23, 2010


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    Furniture Stores

    Saw the name Curios Sofa and thought that was cute. Saw that pictures and was amazed... What a wonderful trip of the beaten path.

    Lee Steele

    I was saying to myself, "Man, that dog looks so real!!!"---then read that you said he WAS. lol. Yes, closing the store to redecorate for Christmas does make sense..go back and get pics then! :)
    What are you going to make with the doll heads?
    ps==yes,I thought it was going to be a furniture store you're taking us into...I wonder if it causes them to LOSE any business--that people wouldn't know to go in?


    I can't tell you how much I enjoy your blog...I live vicariously through it. Central Illinois has nothing quite like the places you visit, so thanks for taking us along.
    You must return to "Curious Sofa" at Christmas time, pretty please.

    Joe Rotella

    We'll be in Topeka next week for the Midland Expo - if only it were closer to KC! Joe M. would go crazy! I love the stairs to no where. So clever! Great stuff! Maybe it's worth a trip just for Christmas!

    Carol Hart

    What an amazing place! I totally love the little skeleton statues. I think I saw something like them in Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Gill Parker

    Hey Suze

    Thank you so so much for sharing this trip. This store looks absolutely out of this world and I'm off to see if they ship to the UK! So very many things I saw that I want - what I can have may be another matter LOL!!!

    keep up the good work.



    I loved the cob web table cloth and the skeleteons, and the "stairs" and the furry rat and the real puppy and the and the and the - getting the picture here? Another of Suze's FAB excursions. We want to know what you bought (aside from those heads).


    steph Martin

    wow -what a fabulous store . I think you need to open one of these in the UK :)


    What a fab shop! Did you leave anything behind? Still, you have all that space from your stamps to fill, lol so.....


    Wow1 What a wonderful shop. I was wondering about the puppy so thanks for answering that one! I am wondering how big a parcel is being shipped with so many wonderful items in the shop! Enjoy your day. :0)

    Sharron Higgins

    Oh to live your life... My favorite quote of all time came from Rosalind Russell in Auntie Mame..."Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death." YOU are my Auntie Mame!!!

    marcia greer

    now i must have the spider web table cloth!

    what a charming shop; she's got the midas touch.

    Deb Patrick

    Sooo glad you found the Curious Sofa. It's one of my must do stops when I'm in KC. You can spend hours and still see something new. And Christmas... all I can say is wow

    Debbie Dusenberry

    Wow, these are great shots!! Thanks so much for stopping in. We love each and every customer especially those who blog and tell the world abut us. Hurry back. Christmas Open House is Halloween weekend (no kidding!).



    Lions and tigers and bears ....oh my!!!!! Lol
    How long did it take to get around her shop, I think I'dve been there ALL day, how fab. I bet it's a rather big box you are getting shipped! I'd LOVE to see it at Christmas time! Tfs Suze,

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