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    September 25, 2010


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    Evelyn S.

    You truly are blessed! Both of you!

    Priscilla from California

    You in a bag...I love it!

    Sharron Higgins

    I love your husband...what a great sense of humor and outlook on life. Both of you got the person you deserve. May you live long lives full of love and laughter. (and keep sharing it all with the rest of us)


    That is just hilarious!

    Helen Lindfield

    Love Lenster, he has a great sense of humour. More fab shops you found to show us!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh how funny, just as well your Rabbi has a sense of humour! What a laugh! Well done Mr L.
    Back to to the shopping, it would have been rude not to shop wouldn't Suze! xx


    yup - i do believe the lenster is a keeper, suze!

    Sue Ramsay

    What a wonderful husband and wonderful life you have Suze.....may you continue to enjoy both for a very very long time xx

    Pat Krauchune

    That is just so are so blessed to have a sweet, wonderful, funny man as your life partner! Lenny is the best!

    Wendy vecchi

    thank Lenny for the laugh.


    I love those "funky diva" skeletons. And what about the Lenster and foamcore you then? The Rabbi must've wondered for a mo - what a fun idea though. I guess foamcore you will have pride of place when you get home - can't wait to see how you "alter" yourself!



    How cool are those shops.
    The lenster is so funny, I'm sure it's an anniversary you both won't forget!


    Fantastic, sorry have not stopped goggling about the Lenster and the foam cut out of you....
    Those shops in Kansas look great... look forward to more pictures tomorrow

    Leandra Franich

    Ha ha ha. Looks like the lenster got himself a younger foamcore wifey too!! Lol. Brilliant.


    toooooo fun!


    Sounds like you both having a great time! Brill story about the Suze foam cut out & shall share with my friends very soon:-)

    Looks like your class was fantastic & lucky peeps 2 b trying out the new Pearls spray. Lookin 4ward to getting this new product in UK very soon.

    Do u know where u r going to b next Feb yet Suze? Sending smiles from across the pond:-)))


    This stuff is amazing. I hope you did enjoy your anniversary this past week. Well, since you are Dorothy and appropriately in Kansas, if you click your heels together 3x and I say , "There's no place like anywhere besides Florida", will I magically be taken out of the sunshine state to a wonderful place that you always seem to find ? lol..Have a wonderful weekend.


    I love Stuff! Glad to see you went there! I'm a fan who lives here in Kansas but grew up very near where you live in NJ!

    Wish I could've shared Shabbat with you at my synagogue tonight and met you while you're here. I've been so sick and have a booked weekend. Enjoy Kansas! Maybe next time....

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