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    November 27, 2010


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    marcia greer

    wow, when you get on a roll, you get on a roll! those are all beautiful.

    dr. andrew weil has the best "thrown out back" remedy we've ever encountered:

    lay on the floor and put your legs up on a chair bent at the knee; that's for when the pain is so bad you can't stand up straight and you daren't laugh. when you can stand that for a few minutes, staying on the floor, you hug your knees to your chest for 90 seconds (it opens the vertebrae and allows the spasmed muscles to go back to their natural unspasmed position).

    of course, the nsaids (ibuprofen) and muscle relaxants don't hurt, but the physicality of opening up the vertebrae is what will do the trick.

    at least it fixed jim a few times. one day he turned to shut off a light and his back spasmed; one day he lifted up the garage door manually and it spasmed. then he started working out his back muscles to strenghten them (we got a home gym, it's lovely in the bedroom (not!)) and it hasn't recurred.

    Dr. Weil's books are our bibles!

    good healing to you.

    Nancy Bales

    My heart goes out to you. I threw my back out spitting while brushing my teeth. I was sooooooo embarassed. It sure would have been easier if I had thrown it out while playing basketball with Obama or fighting for rubber stamps or beads that were 80% off. That I could understand. I'm glad you are feeling better. Playing and making art is always the best medicine.

    Candy Colwell

    Love your beadwork Suze. Evidently the back pain did not squelch your creativity! I hope your back starts feeling better soon. If not, just keep sitting and making those gorgeous beaded pieces!


    Ouch! Sorry to hear about your back, that's miserable! But your beading is awesome! :)

    Victoria Sturdevant

    Sorry you're hurting! It doesn't show in your art.


    Hope you're feeling a little better now... I know how you feel as i have 3 slipped discs and degenerative disc disease... trick is to keep moving otherwise, like I have done so many times, you get stuck... love the beading, stunning... take care

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh Suze you must have sat for hours to make all that yummy jewellery! Could you get up afterwards or are you a permanent fixture in that comfy chair? I think another massage might ease it a bit more. xxx

    Monica Lore

    Pretty snazzy for an injured back! I really like the necklaces....but keep moving. Don't sit in one place too long! I've been there - the trick is to keep moving! (as much as you are motivated not to!)

    If you don't limber up, It'll get easier and easier to throw out your back again.


    Fab beaded projects - so sorry to hear about your back and the Lensters loathing of wintergreen - hope the pain/movement thing improves soon - keep beading!


    Kathy Nycz

    Beautiful necklaces Suze. How many beads did you drop on the floor that you couldn't pick up? I know exactly what it feels like to start beading and not want to stop. I'm trying desparately to ignore the new sale catalog from Fire Mountain Gems. Do you get a Rings & Things catalog? They have great stuff too.

    Renee S.

    Gorgeous beadwork! If you do this with a bad back, I can only imagine the creations you'll make once you feel better.
    Love the inspiration. Hope your back gets better soon. Have a joyous Chanukah.

    Hilda Gale

    You and me both Suze - cept I do t have a Lenster!!! Take care and heal soon!!!!


    Oh, I know what that feels like. Well, actually both those things - back pain *and* the need to play with beads! :) I'm glad you saw an MT, also; they really helped me (enough that I went to school to become one!).

    Take it easy, and when you start feeling a bit better, do some walking (with good shoes, on a smooth level path that isn't bumpy) to help warm up and loosen those tight back muscles. It's always helped me, so it's what I've recommended to my clients.

    Linda Cain

    Way to go Suze! You can't keep a good woman down!


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