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    November 15, 2010


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    Linda Cain

    An amazing journey. Thanks for taking us all along for the trip.


    How about China maybe...

    Dawn Noel

    Ohh how I've missed your blog! My laptop was playing up and my employers kindly bought one for me! Woohoo. Anyway loved this travelogue, your witty dialogue and the beautiful photos. I felt like I was with you all the way! I've always wanted to visit Egypt, in fact I feel compelled to go so I know I will one day.
    How about Australia for your next adventure???

    Victoria Sturdevant

    Thank you for sharing your trip. Your posts have been wonderful. Wherever you decide to next, it will be an adventure, I'm sure!

    Renee Hull

    Suze - loved looking at all the great photos, learning about all the different places and the history.
    I especially loved how you always find jewelry wherever you went! I really don't think you have enough (LOL)so I hope you brought home several pieces!
    Thanks for sharing and can't wait to see you at CHA!


    Wow amazing pictures looked like it was a way fun time. I really would like to visit Egypt.

    Connie McGinnis

    I'm so glad my little comment could make you laugh. You've given me such joy by sharing your life, it's good to give a smidgen back to you.

    Connie in TN


    In a way, I wish you were going on another exotic journey,too---so I could enjoy living it thru your blogs...excellent. I like you pendant that spells out Suze.
    and to see the pyramids FROM THE PLANE WINDOW that high up---gives you a picture of just how LARGE they are! what a trip! My in-laws always wanted to take a trip there, but my father in law is decd & my mother in law is almost 92 now. TOo bad they didnt' do it; she would have loved it! I still say you could package all these blogs chronologically and publish a book! Why, you could be on the TODAY show or something. lol. Great pics; great dialogue!!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Thanks for the journey Suze. Like Teresa I fancy an African safari or China!


    Loved reading about your trip, but where to go next?? trouble is there are so many lovely sights around the world how do you choose???

    It's been lovely sharing your trip with you.

    Sandi M

    I think you and the Lenster should put all your fave picks onto individual lists then number them all and let the random number generator choose. It will be a surprise :)

    Melanie K.

    Suze, thank you again for sharing this with us. I will probably never go there ... but I feel like I have been! Thanks!

    Sara (MrsDude)

    WOW!!! AMAZING! Thank you for sharing with us :D

    Anne Hopley

    Where next? Anywhere you have not already been. Can personally recommend Japan, Tibet, Nepal, China, Thailand and India. I am saving Europe til I am on my Zimmer. Email me for specifics as I could ramble on for hours .... Big thank you for your wonderful reports on Israel and Egypt. I thoroughly enjoyed and looked forward to every day of your visit.

    ann in freezing UK

    Venice Italy, Rome, Florence, Prague, all fantastic. Venice is so wonderful, no need for a guide, just wander around especially after dark when many tourists have gone away. Do not visit any of these places in the summer months - too hot and crowded, go in the cooler months, yes it may rain but the magic is still there.
    I enjoyed your photos,( I am unable to travel right now) I have visited Egypt and Israel, they are very interesting, thank you for sharing.

    Renee S.

    Great photos and commentary. Your blog is always a lively read! Thanks for sharing the journey. Can't wait for the next one wherever it is.


    it has been wonderful travelling with you:)) Israel took me back years..:(( and I have never been to Eygpt, but am inspired to go now. Think we should all come with you next time.. how fun would that be!! lol On my list is Australia, Thailand..(oh my you would love it there)Africa , New Zealand, South fact the world is your oyster :))
    Hugs and thank you for showing.

    Janis Morris

    Suze, you are the best blogger ever! You are funny, interesting, and a terrific photographer, and your life is so very, very interesting! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed this trip; let's go to St. Petersburg to the Hermitage next. I think seeing you blog about it would be the next best thing to being there.

    Bonnie Luhman

    You need to go back again and take us with you. Be our tour guide. I have enjoyed every morsel that you shared with us. Your humor, your photography, your sweet self. We could shop, and do art and make the most fantastic journals with your help,so that we could re-live our journey over and over again. I would put in little glassine envelopes with soil and sand samples. If I had wine I would dip the cork in it and stamp it all over the page like grapes. I would have collected a minuscule vial of Dead Sea water to wire into my journal. Oh, what fun that would be to do as a group !!!

    Thank you for all the time you spent keeping us all up to date.
    4-ever grateful, Bonnie in R.W.

    becky jeffress

    Your adventure has been wonderful and I've enjoyed it without jet lag!! I've learned a lot but need to go back over it again to really get the whole story in one sitting. Thanks for taking so much of your time to share your travels with us.


    Ok, Here goes, I am new to the whole blog thing, Just started reading a few, popped into yours a few weeks ago, And was instantly in love! I love your sense of humor! I check your posts every morning with my first cup of coffee!! This trip that you just got back from was amazing and I was stuck to my computer!! My favorite post was the one where you were talking about the Lenster trading you for some goats!! Spit coffee all over my screen!! So Just thought I would say HI! and now you have one more "Fan"!!

    Linda McCormick

    I loved your travelogue too Suze - you definitely have the most entertaining blog on the web. Have you been to Australia, New Zealand or Switzerland? I recommend them all, you can't go wrong.


    wow! no idea where u SHOULD go next...but...can I come? lol

    Elaine Allen

    Hi Suze -

    What a wonderful trip, so sorry it had to end. Thank you so much for the humorous and educational dialogue, and especially for the outstanding photos. What a special person you are to risk life and limb to snap photos in the underground tombs for a friend. I still can't get the picture of you being chased by the guard out of my head!
    Glad you and Len are home safe and sound and thank you again for taking us along with you.

    Elaine Allen


    New Zealand...Wayne says it is the most beautiful place on Earth!! gotta take me too!!! :)


    I was at a workshop yesterday and told a friend about your episode being chased round the pyramid passages and my friend made me tell everyone about it when we were overheard. The whole class was in heaps laughing and thought as I did... just how could that guard MISS you! They were all going home to look at your amazing travelogue for themselves!
    All good things come to an end but I look forward to our next on line trip. Have you done China, Japan or India... oh I really don't mind where we go!!!.
    JoZarty x

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