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    February 05, 2011


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    Susan Williamson

    You know what's so cool about your blog is that every time I visit I feel like I've either been on an adventure or read a really good book (often it's both). Now speaking of books, I'd love if if you did another one ...all of us would, I'm sure!

    Nancy Bales

    I loved this post, but then I love all of your posts. Reading your blog is part of my daily routine. You are part of my vitamins and daily supplements. Since I live near Santa Cruz I was really wondering where exactly you guys were. Are you in Los Gatos? I would really like to go give some of these wonderful shops buckets of my money, so I would appreciate knowing where they are. Thanks.


    Hello Suze,

    what an inspirational shopping day you had !!!

    I love those m&m's creations ! ... i have them always around when I'm in my craftroom... but I eat them and don't create with the bags ...LOL

    Nice to see the art-house from your friend ! This is lovely : being able to live surrounded by art. Art is really a part of her life !

    greetings from belgium

    Evelyn S.

    Suze...did you 'retire'? Is that why Ranger had the party? I read and re-read, but I couldn't find the details you promised about the 'party'!

    Dyan Reaveley

    Cor blimey missus, how did you manage to get out alive..?? Done any more make n takes lately, ha ha. Loving the singing skeletons...


    I need shops and a house like that, this has been great looking at yuour fab pictures the stuffs amazing and that house is just the best x

    Nikki Brown

    Fantastic shops, love your phrase 'do you ship' - must use that one more..... loved sharing your trip with you...

    Victoria Sturdevant

    Oh, I'd love to see all that up close & personal! TFS

    Renee S.

    What an amazing trip! Love the commentary and fantastic photos. As always, a feast for the eyes!


    I hardly miss a day checking your blog. I'm so inspired. I really like the ecclectic inspiration! [and I'm so glad I don't have to try and keep up with you--my feet hurt from watching your blog some days!]


    Was that fabric on the backs of the chair and it's painted? Gorgeous!!


    fabulous shopping pics Suz! Too bad Mars was such a stick in the mud - love the pictures of the altered artwork. did you buy me one of those black altered birds?


    Wow - hope your suitcase can stand all that extra weight for your homeward journey! OR do they SHIP?



    Holy s---! I will be zooming in and cutting and pasting into my "inspiration" folder for hours when I get home to sunny Florida from snowy Boston! Suze, you are the BEST sharer!


    Thanks for sharing all your great photos!!!! Love your blog!

    Elaine Allen

    WOW! WOW! WOW! So many awesome things to buy, so little money - LOL! I was totally loving that Frog Prince, and artist Charlotte Kruks work is awesome. Love all the necklaces, and I think I'm in love with the little rattlesnake statue at Judy's farm. And really digging the counter top in the kitchen which looks like its made from some sort of old stove, very different. Thanks for sharing with us Suze.

    Elaine Allen

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Oh Suze you have a knack of finding gorgeous shops!

    Helen Lindfield

    Wow, what shops! Saw so many lovely things there... how much "did you ship?!!" lol

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