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    November 09, 2011


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    O.M.G!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS PIECE!! (I kind of have this thing for skeletons...I think all the different type of anatomy classes I had to take in school for Physical Therapy got me started!)

    This is such the perfect inspiration piece. I may just have to "leap" and give wax art a try!! Thanks!!

    Priscilla from California

    Absolutely love it!!! And skeletons, who knew?

    P.S. I'm a transplant from the suburbs of New York.

    Sue Roddis

    I LOVE your bones:)


    Ooooh I gotta get me some of those pan pastels! Love this project too.

    Happy Thursday



    I think your frame looks fantastic - love the skeletons - inspired. Really love this piece.

    Melanie Kiser

    Oh, a Day of the Dead piece! I truly LOVE this piece ... I do believe it is my favorite of yours. Are you gonna sell it?????

    Linda Cain

    LOVE it!!!!! So Fun!!!


    Andrea Matus

    Encaustic gesso? Amazing, never knew about that before. Love what you've done with the'll look fab next to your de Meng's! xo

    Jacqueline Sweeney

    I Love this piece!! It's really quirky! I must try out some wax in the meltpit. Your projects always blow me away!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie x

    Pam Perry

    Skeletons may not be your thing, but you sure know how to get the best use of them! Fabulous!

    Diana Ramsey

    I agree about skeletons not being a first choice for art, but what you have done with them looks really cool. I have worked with Encaustic using napkins on canvas and also used it with Artist Trading Cards with great success. I always love your work AND your enthusiasm and sense of humour.

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