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    November 11, 2012


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    All these jewelry piece are completely beautiful! your blog is tend to be so informative, I always find time to view your weblog, good job!

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    I hope you will be offering this again next year. I just saw what Diane Cook did,and I love it! Thank-you for your creative inspiration.


    Missed you while you were a "shut-in" but glad to see that you used your time wisely. Great items in the store!

    susan kopp

    Thank goodness, you guys are alright! I was checking daily for a new post to signal lights. I also checked facebook...I really feel bad for the folks in your area. Hang tough!

    Kathy Nycz

    Some of us don't have to get out our melting pot because we don't ever put it away. I have about 50 pendants made up I have to do something with. If it's a choice between my husband and my melting pot, bye bye Frankie. It's all your fault Suze.


    Nothing will keep you down I'm glad to be able to say and so pleased to read your blog that things, at least for you, are getting back to a reasonable state.
    Good luck to all those down the line who were hit so hard.
    JoZarty x

    Barbara L

    Glad you are up and back to some sort of normalcy. All the pics from Jersey are so sad. Our beaches can never be the same but they will remain the Jersey Shore and come back in a new way. Go Jersey!

    Kathy Gledsdale

    Been thinking of all you people in N.J you all seem to be going through the mill well and truly. Love the splash back, very clever Mr L. and beautiful jewellery Suze.


    Gr8 to hear you are back to some semblance of normality though, as you say, it's going to be a long time for others. Your splashback and jewelry look fab - glad to hear you kept busy.

    All the best


    Lisa M. Pace

    I cannot believe your awesome backsplash that once was is now gone, it was amazing... although this one looks pretty darn nice. Lenny did a fabulous job. I'm so glad you two are well. I've worried so much over you two.

    Hugs to the two of you and I hope I get to taste Lenny's incredible wine again someday.


    I love hearing about what you're doing since retiring. I'm glad you "weathered" the storms well. I can't imagine what my childhood home looks like!
    The jewelry, the melt art, and Michelle's works - all stunningly beautiful.

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